Court reporting has been my career, now, for 40 years.   It has been the consistency in my life.   I love it!   It is a profession where one can learn something new all the time from our trials, from transcription of cases.  

As a more-or-less senior court reporter, through the years I have seen many methodologies of reporting change, translation of notes change, computers change – going from the large discs to the small thumb drives we presently use – on-and-on.   Technology is ever-evolving, ever ongoing.  On the horizon I have read of a small pen serving as a computer hard drive with one side of the pen emitting light onto the desktop for the keyboard, and on the opposite side of this pen the light illuminates onto the screen as the hard drive – the computer with all your files on it; a computer the size of a pen.   Can you imagine?

Presently, we have a reporter shortage and our National Association is taking steps to launch and implement a five-year plan of attempting to solicit more students into this profession versus a four-year college degree.  In reporting we have a shortage, so more of a job-guarantee that many professions may not be able to offer with a four-or-more year degree.   We need reporting schools, we need to get out there and sell our “profession”, we need more reporting students.   This can be accomplished if we take the effort now to apprise parents and students of the positive sides to getting into the reporting profession versus a four-year or more college degree.   President Sarah Nageotte alluded to the fact there used to be a nursing or nurses shortage and how in time that need was met — there are more nurses in the field with good-paying jobs.   Shortage doesn’t necessarily mean the demise of a profession – it means opportunities and work ahead to implement a positive and worthwhile plan.

Attending the National Seminar in San Francisco was illuminating and  educational for me.  I am so grateful to have been able to attend and learn so much at the convention as to what’s going on – where we’re headed.   It’s exciting.

I have served in board and officer positions and ultimately as president of the Kansas Court Reporters Association, and am now honored to serve as president of the Great State of Oklahoma Court Reporters Association.  I thank you for this opportunity I have had in embarking on this fun and exciting job.   I hope you will enjoy the many benefits of being a member of this association.   The 2015 Convention is in the works and we anticipate providing great speakers at this seminar – more reporter-oriented, yet with some new and I know you will find very interesting speakers.

Let’s support this profession of ours!!    Watch for new things to come – we’ve only begun!

Alexa Babcock, CSR, RPR, RMR