As we look into this new year, 2015, we can look forward to many challenges ahead of us in life, in our vocations – in reporting.   

February 16th – 22nd is designated in this nation as the Court Reporting & Captioning Week.    Let’s memorialize and enjoy this special week of recognition in the reporting profession!

The OCRA Board and Officers are striving to present a great convention in April with many varied speakers all relating to the reporting profession.    We are planning not only really great speakers, but we are also offering the Court Rules and Procedures session two times at the convention – one session each day to hopefully accommodate those reporters who can make one day, but maybe not the other.   We hope to see you in Norman, Oklahoma, at the Embassy Suites April 17th and 18th, 2015.

The National Court Reporters Association has launched several programs in an effort to further our reporting profession.    One of these programs is called TRAIN, Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide.    On their website they have set up internet sites where one can access and read materials that can be encouraging and helpful in promoting and supporting reporters who are striving to become a realtime reporter, striving to become a captioning reporter.   There are stories written by fellow reporters whose stories are quite enlightening, interesting, and encouraging to all reporters, much less those who truly are striving to be a realtime reporter.    Overcoming the fear of others reading the record as it is instantly written can be intimidating – but not overwhelming!  National provides  so many interesting articles and information, contacts that reporters may read, view, seek advice and help from if you are interested in becoming a realtime reporter, or even becoming a better skilled realtime or captioning reporter.   One of these articles is an article written by fellow reporter Ron Cook, CCR, CRR, RDR, FAPR,  entitled, “The Fear of Writing Realtime:  Real or Imagined?”

Please take a moment to go to NCRA’s website and enjoy some of these very beneficial and great help-aids for the reporters.   NCRA indicates that If you would like to read any of these interesting articles, or would like to join the NCRA TRAIN Facebook page and be a supporter, this page puts your  finger on the pulse of the realtime community with tips from working reporters and captioners who experience the same dilemmas and success you do.    Whether you’re a beginning reporter or an accomplished, experienced reporter, this one-stop shop can assist you if you have any questions, or can learn new tips in becoming  just  that much better of a reporter.  

Join the NCRA TRAIN Facebook page.

Thank you, and I hope to see you at the OCRA Convention in Norman on April 17th and 18th, 2015.     Yea reporters!!!!!